Stopping Global…

Stopping Global Human Trafficking

Imagine a young girl, or even a young boy, with no one to lean upon. No family, friends, or church support. The girl or boy is Mexican, Black, Oriental, or Caucasian.

Gentlemen from North America, South America, the Middle East, and Europe look at these children as a prime investment to satisfy their perverted, personal lusts. Clinging and clanging of mattress springs and pungent smells fill the air. Buyers take advantage of the child repeatedly. A child should be thinking about childhood, toys, etc., not being used and purchased as sex slaves.

Today as you enjoy your day, please think about what we can do to stop this “global abuse” of our children. How would you feel if you were the child that was taken advantage of.

Lobby with your government officials to have laws that are honored between continents to give life sentences to people who abuse our children. Children taken advantage of are in the endless cycle of abuse, drug addiction and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

We have a duty to protect our children. Let’s start!



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