Racial Profiling

As a Black, Mexican, or Indian man racial profiling is the norm, whether walking down the street, at the bank, or the drug store. Racial profiling can happen every day in any city or town throughout the USA.

     Are you Black, Mexican, Indian or Arabic and someone makes a stereotyping judgment about “who” you are? Maybe you’re being followed by a police officer for bogus reasons.

     Maybe you are an Indian and people hope you stay on the reservation. You could even be a Black scholar, but the party that has profiled you has an image “pre formed” about character.

     Are all Jews miserly? Are all Mexicans illegal aliens? Are all Middle Eastern people terrorists? Are all Native Americans drunks?

      I recall being in a suburban Ohio town and a cop found a bogus reason to stop me and give me the riot act. Another time while driving home late at night from a restaurant at 2 a.m. when I worked in hospitality. I made eye contact with a law enforcement officer who just happed to make a u-turn. His first remark was that he didn’t like the way I stopped at the red light. Later the officer asked me for proof of insurance.

     Trayvon Martin was profiled and even when the Dispatch Dept told Zimmerman to halt, he ignored them. Zimmerman had a profound bias just because Trayvon Martin was Black.

      There was the Beer Summit case where Black Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was charged with disorderly conduct after being profiled by a Massachusetts police officer.